Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 Knauss Finalists Position Descriptions

The following positions were available to Knauss Fellows in 2017. Please note that each year there is some variability in the offices that choose to host a fellow. 


2017 Knauss Executive Host Positions Combined
UPDATED 12/02/2017


2017 Knauss Legislative Host Positions Combined

Position Number 

Position Description                                                   


Position Number

Position Description      

E17-1 NOS Ocean and Coastal Policy Analyst
   L17-1 Rep. Mike Thompson
E17-2 NOAA Research - Strategic Planning and Policy Analyst    L17-2
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation (Minority)
 E17-3  NOAA Research - OAR Corporate  Evaluations Fellow    L17-3 Rep. Madeleine Bordallo
 NOAA Fisheries - Endangered Species Program Specialist
   L17-4 Sen. Roger Wicker
 E17-5  NOAA Congressional Affairs Fellow

   L17-5 Sen. Edward Markey
 E17-6  USGS - Policy and Partnership Associate
   L17-6 Rep. Jared Huffman
 E17-7  NOAA Fisheries - Fishery Management Specialist (Highly Migratory Species)
   L17-7 House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (Majority)
 E17-8  Oceanographer of the Navy - Policy Liaison
   L17-8 Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation; Sub Committee on Ocean, Atmosphere, Fisheries, Coast Guard (Majority)
 E17-9  NOAA Fisheries - Recreational Fisheries Specialist
   L17-9 House Committee on Natural Resources (Minority)
 E17-10  Army Corps of Engineers - Navigation R&D Advisor
   L17-10 Sen. Brian Schatz
 E17-11  BOEM - Renewable Energy Program Fellow
   L17-11 Rep. Jimmy Panetta
 E17-12  US Marine Mammal Commission - Communications and Policy Analyst
   L17-12 Sen. Ron Wyden
 E17-13  NOS Office of Response & Restoration - Marine Debris Program Fellow
   L17-13 Rep. Don Young
 E17-14  --
   L17-14 Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
 E17-15  NOAA International Affairs Fellow
   L17-15 Sen. Gary Peters
 E17-16  NOAA Research -  Special Assistant to the Assistant Administrator
   L17-16 Sen. Cory Booker
 E17-17  NOAA Research - Program and Policy Analyst
   L17-17 Sen. Dan Sullivan
 E17-18  NOAA Research - Global Ocean Observation Liaison (Climate)
   L17-18 Sen. Tammy Baldwin
 E17-19  USGS - Inland Fish, Climate, and International Biodiversity Policy Specialist

 L17-19 Rep. Seth Moulton
 E17-20  NOAA Research - Ocean Acidification Specialist (Climate Program)
   L17-20 Rep. Lee Zeldin
 E17-21  NOAA Fisheries - Marine Biologist
   L17-21 Rep. Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan
 E17-22 Withdrawn    L17-22 Sen. Lisa Murkowski
 E17-23  NOAA Fisheries - Habitat and Ecosystem Science Coordinator
   L17-23 Sen. Dianne Feinstein
 E17-24  Department of State - Office of Marine Conservation Knauss Sea Grant Fellow
 E17-25  NOAA Research - Congressional Affairs Specialist
 E17-26  NSF - Environmental Policy Fellow (Polar Programs)
 E17-27  NOAA Research - International Affairs Fellow
 E17-28  --
 E17-29  EPA - National Nutrient Criteria Program Fellow
 E17-30  NOAA Research - International Liaison: Ocean Acidification Coordination and Capacity Building (Ocean Acidification Program)
 E17-31  NOAA Research - Project Coordinator, National Climate Assessment for Oceans and Marine Resources (Ocean Acidification Program)
 E17-32  NOAA Research - Ocean Exploration Fellow
 E17-33 NOAA Research - Science Liaison
 E-17-34  US Navy - Policy Liaison (Energy, Installations, and Environment)
 E17-35  NOAA Fisheries - Fisheries Science Coordinator
 E17-36  NOAA Research - Climate and Health Project Specialist
 E17-37  NSF - Biological Oceanography Program Knauss Fellow
 E17-38  US Fish & Wildlife - Natural Resource Policy Fellow
 E17-39  US Committee on Marine Transportation Systems Policy Liaison
 E17-40  NOAA Research - Climate Program Specialist
 E17-41  NOS - Coral Program Fellow
 E17-42  US Army Corps of Engineers - Coastal Policy Fellow
 E17-43  US Department of the Interior - Ocean Policy and Communications Specialist
 E17-44  US Fish & Wildlife Service - Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Director for Ecological Services
 US Fish & Wildlife Service - Endangered Species Act Biologist
 E17-46  US Fish & Wildlife Service - Congressional and Legislative Affairs Fellow
 E17-47 US Treasury - Gulf Coast Restoration Policy Analyst
 E17-48  NOAA CIO - Big Data Policy Specialist
 E17-49  NOS - Office for Coastal Management Policy Analyst
 E17-50  NOAA/HUD Climate Science Policy Fellow
 E17-51  NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information - Coastal and Ocean Data Services Coordinator
 E17-52  NOAA Fisheries - Office of Habitat Conservation Policy/Program Analyst
 E17-53  NOAA Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection - Foreign Affairs Fellow
 E17-54  NOS - Ocean Observing Policy Fellow
 E17-55  NOAA Fisheries - International Enforcement Program Fellow
 E17-56  NOAA Fisheries - Bycatch and Observation Program Specialist      
 E17-57  NOAA - Education Program Specialist      
 E17-58  NOAA Research - Climate and Societal Interactions Communication Specialist      
 E17-59  NOAA Weather Service - National Center for Environmental Prediction Policy Fellow      
 E17-60  US Department of the Interior - Strategic Engagement Fellow      
 E17-61  US Global Change Research Program - Climate Resilience Fellow      
 E17-62  NOAA Fisheries - Aquaculture Program Fellow      
 E17-63  NOAA National Climate Assessment - Technical Lead      
 E17-64  NOAA Research  - National Sea Grant Office Science Communication Specialist      
 E17-65 US Global Change Research Program - Aquatic and Marine Resources Advisor       
 E17-66  NOAA Research - National Sea Grant Office Resilience Analyst      
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