Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In-Depth with Sea Grant Knauss Alumni

Get to know our Sea Grant Knauss alumni and see how their fellowships have shaped their careers.


Interviews by Knauss Alum more than 10 years after their fellowship

Angela Gustavson,  Deputy Chief of Congressional and Legislative Affairs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Knauss Class of 2002

Shelby Walker, Director, Oregon Sea Grant, Knauss Class of 2002

Jessica Maher, Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, Knauss Class of 2004

Kristin Rusello, NOAA Fisheries' Office of International Affairs, Knauss Class of 2005


Interviews by Knauss Alum 5-10 years after their fellowship

Adrienne Sutton,  NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), Knauss Class of 2006

Stuart Levenbach, Office of Management and Budget, Knauss Class of 2007

Joselyd Garcia, NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, Knauss Class of 2008

Chelsea Berg, National Sea Grant Office, Knauss Class of 2009

Lauren Land, Louisiana Sea Grant Sustainability Coordinator, Knauss Class of 2011


Interviews by Knauss Alum less than 5 years after their fellowship

Emily Vuxton, Biologist for the Institute for Water Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Knauss Class of 2012

Gabe Dunham, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent for Bristol Bay, Knauss Class of 2013

Ben Carr, Marine Scientist for Oceana, Knauss Class of 2015

Casey Diederich, Knauss Class of 2015

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