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2015 Special Projects Funding Announcement

Competition: Outreach materials for Great Lakes water level information  - This competition is closed. See awarded projects.

Closing Date: April 27, 2015

Please note! even though shows the overall Special Projects FFO ends on June 30, the due date for this particular competition is April 27, 2015

Questions and answers from the March 9, 2015 conference call

The NOAA National Sea Grant Office, the NOAA Coastal Storms Program and the NOAA National Ocean Service Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) anticipate that up to $35,000 in total Federal funding will be available to support projects under this announcement. Consult the Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2014-2004033, available at, for eligible applicants, required elements of the application, how to submit, evaluation criteria, general programmatic priorities and selection factors, and other necessary information.  Submit your application to SPECIAL PROJECT "F" under this Opportunity in

The purpose of this opportunity is to assure that the decision makers and the public in the Great Lakes have easy comprehensive access to relevant water level information originating from a number of different agencies in various formats and to help them understand the International Great Lakes Datum (IGLD) and why it will be updated over the next ten years. NOAA CO-OPS seeks to leverage the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network to support a regional implementation of CO-OPS’ outreach objectives in the Lakes over the period June 2015-September 2016.  The funding will be used to support the development of outreach and educational materials in the area of the International Great Lakes Datum update and water level management in the Great Lakes. Information on CO-OPS can be found here and on the International Great Lakes Datum can be found at and

Collaborative approaches that support the transfer of skills, knowledge, technologies, products, etc. to other Programs, Institutions, or the general public is encouraged.  Knowledge/technology transfer is requested to ensure that water level information in the Great Lakes is accessible to a wider range of users and /stakeholders in the region.   Proposals should seek to engage the Coastal Storms Outreach Coordinators located at the MN and WI Sea Grant Programs in the proposed work when applicable.

Programs may submit proposals up to $35K in total, i.e., multi-program proposals can request funding for an amount that combines to $35k,   Great Lakes Sea Grant Programs should submit proposals to support outreach and educational materials associated with the following:

1.     Educational web site that would explain the following concepts:

a.     Apparent vertical movement in the Great Lakes from Glacial Isostatic Adjustment

b.    International Great Lakes Datum and the upcoming update

 i.        including impacts to local users including planners, the maritime community, surveyors, etc

 ii.        including why it’s important to update

c.     Hydrologic Cycle

 i.        Climate Change

 ii.        Diversions and Engineered Structures

d.    Great Lakes water level management

e.     How IGLD relates to GLRI-funded projects.

2.     Materials/activities or "toolkits" related to water levels and the IGLD Datum in the Lakes for:

a.     Reporters to increase local media coverage

b.    Public Service Announcements through radio, TV, video billboards, etc.; and

c.     Teachers and K-12 students.

It is anticipated that one or two applications will be selected. Applications should propose a start date of June 1, 2015, and must end by Sept 30, 2016. Applications may request up to $35,000 in Federal funding. Nonfederal matching funds are not required for this competition.

An application must include these components as described in the Federal Funding Opportunity: SF-424 form, 90-2 Project Summary (use the "Short Form"), and Project Description. In addition, the application must include a 90-4 form and Standard Forms 424A, 424B and CD-511. The "Short Form" 90-2 and 90-4 forms are available on the Sea Grant Forms and Templates webpage. The other forms are included in the application package from

Applications must be submitted on to Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2014- 2004033, Special Project "F", no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Time on April 27, 2015.

This competition is only open to The Great Lakes Sea Grant Programs (MN SG, WI SG, ILIN SG, MI SG, OH SG, PA SG, NY SG, and Lake Champlain SG). Applications from multiple Sea Grant Programs are encouraged, but must have a single lead Sea Grant Program who submits the application, and cannot request more than $35,000 in total.

For further information about this National Strategic Investment, please consult Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2014-2004033, available on the Federal Grant Opportunity website,, or send questions to


Questions and answers from the conference called held on March 9, 2015.

Q. Is Lake Champlain part of the IGLD update?

A. NOAA is determining the best way to handle Lake Champlain. The Lake is presently referenced to low lake level on the nautical chart, and the NOAA team is determining if there will be benefits to including the Lake on low water datum and incorporated into IGLD.

Q. Can you clarify the dollar amount that will be available in this competition?

A. There will be at least $30K. That amount may go up to $35K. If you plan on submitting a proposal for the full $35K, we suggest you include an option for a $30K stand-alone component in your proposal.

Q. Can you provide information on the State Geodetic Advisors?

A. The NGS State Geodetic Advisor Program is a cost-sharing program that provides a liaison between NOAA and the host state, usually with a jointly-funded NOAA employee residing in the state to guide and assist the state's geodetic and surveying programs. More information:

Q. What is the long-term outreach goal for IGLD?

A. Eventually we would like to reach all users who will be affected by the update. This includes mariners (both commercial and recreational), surveyors, and coastal planners. Ideally we would include information about how we derived the update as well as why it is important and what it means to the user.

Q. Who will host a website if it is designed as part of this competition?

A. The vision is that CO-OPS would host this once created, and then the Sea Grant websites and others would be able to link to the information as a portal.
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