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2013 NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Extension and Technology Transfer - CLOSED

This funding opportunity is now closed. It is listed for informational purposes only.

Depending on availability of funds, NOAA Sea Grant expects to have available about $1,600,000 for each of FY 2013 and FY 2014 for a national competition to fund marine and technology transfer efforts, as part of the overall plan to support the development of environmentally and economically sustainable ocean, coastal and Great Lakes aquaculture. Aquaculture that occurs in the Great Lakes or its coastal zone is considered marine aquaculture for this competition.

  • Open to the following: Sea Grant College Programs, Sea Grant Institutional Programs, Sea Grant Coherent Area Programs, and the National Sea Grant Law Center.
  • Proposals are required to include a partnership (e.g., with local community governments, state and Federal agencies, regional management efforts, industry, non-governmental organizations.
  • Other interested parties are encouraged to work with the Sea Grant Programs in their region to explore opportunities for partnering.
  • Applications can request up to $300,000. Each eligible applicant may submit up to two applications.
  • 50% Non-federal matching funds are required.
  • Application materials are due April 18, 2013..
  • Submit applications to
  • To obtain the RFP, please visit, FFO number NOAA-OAR-SG-2013-2003654.
  • For more information, please see the Aquaculture Question-and-Answer below, or send questions to

Questions and Responses about the 2013 NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture
Extension and Technology Transfer Competition
**LAST UPDATE: 3-8-2013**

Disclaimer: Please consult the official Federal Funding Opportunity Announcement available on for official information on the requirements of this competition. (Search for Funding Opportunity number NOAA-OAR-SG-2013-2003654.)

The answers in this Q&A document are NOT official competition requirements.

Eligibility questions:

Q: Am I an eligible applicant? What does Sea Grant Programs vs. Institutional Programs vs. Coherent Area Program mean?

A: These are the different types of Sea Grant Programs. Only the 33 state Sea Grant Programs and the National Sea Grant Law Center are eligible to apply. Others who are interested must partner with one of these Sea Grant Programs. Please contact your state Sea Grant Program as soon as possible. Please contact one of the 33 state Sea Grant Programs.

Q: Is there a maximum number of proposals that can come from each state Sea Grant Program?

A: Yes. Each Sea Grant College Program, Sea Grant Institutional Program, Sea Grant Coherent Area Program, or the National Sea Grant Law Center can submit up to two separate proposals.

Topical questions:

Q: I think I have a specific technical focus for my aquaculture extension proposal (e.g., hatchery, disease, harmful algal blooms, genomic techniques). Is this topic appropriate and a priority for this call?

A: Your focused topic may be appropriate for submission, but please pay careful attention to the program priorities in the FFO announcement. Competition for funding can be tight, and proposals that do not address the priorities likely have a reduced chance of success.

General Questions:

Q: Will the “sequester” affect this Aquaculture Extension FFO?

A: We don’t know. Please bear in mind that this competition is contingent on the final budget and availability of funds.

Q: What projects have been funded in previous cycles?

A: We have provided lists of past projects funded in similar competitions (National Marine Aquaculture Initiative) and on the National Marine Fisheries Service Aquaculture Funding Page.

Q. I have a question not listed here.

A. Please send this question to

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