Thursday, August 17, 2017

2014-2015 Special Projects (Now Closed)

The National Sea Grant College Program announces its 2014-2015 Special Projects National Strategic Investment.  The competition, which is only open to Sea Grant Programs, the National Sea Grant Law Center, and the National Sea Grant Library, has no dedicated funding or topic areas.

The "Funding Availability Announcement" is immediately below. This will be updated as appropriate. The Funding Availability Announcement below describes the source and amount of anticipated available funding (if any), the proposal topics being solicited, and any special conditions or priorities set on this competition.

The entire Special Projects National Strategic Investment is covered by Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2014-2004033, which is available on General rules for application submission and selection are contained in this Federal Funding Opportunity announcement.

This National Strategic Investment is open until 11:59 PM Eastern Time, June 30, 2015. Each competition has its own separate application due date, which must be observed. Funding decisions will be made on a rolling basis when appropriate funding becomes available based on when applications are submitted. Each application must clearly state which Funding Availability Announcement the request is for.  No applications should be submitted unless a notice has been posted that there is funding available. Projects may be funded with 2015 or later appropriations, if appropriate funds are available.

For further information about this National Strategic Investment, please consult Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2014-2004033, available on the Federal Grant Opportunity website,, or send questions to

Funding Availability Announcement:

Open Competitions:

There are currently no open competitions.

Closed Competitions:

Conferences and Workshops support 

Outreach materials for Great Lakes water level information 

Great Lakes Coastal Storms 

NOAA Sentinel Site Cooperatives 

Sea Grant Academy 2015 

Marine Mammal Stocks and Fishery Interactions in the Southeast Atlantic 

Development of a Fish Descending Device in the Mid-Atlantic 

Gulf of Mexico Estuarine and Marine Fish Habitat Assessment 

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