Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Funding Availability Announcement 

Competition: SEA GRANT ACADEMY 2017 - CLOSED

Closing Date: April 19, 2016

Posted on February 1, 2016

The National Sea Grant Office anticipates that up to $50,000 in Sea Grant funding will be available to develop, conduct, and evaluate the 6th National Sea Grant Academy, to be held in 2017. Consult the Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2016-2004772, available at http://grants.gov, for eligible applicants, required elements of the application, how to submit, evaluation criteria, general programmatic priorities and selection factors, and other necessary information.  Submit your application to Special Projects "A" under this Opportunity in grants.gov.

Proposals should request up to $50,000 in Federal funds for the planning, execution, and post-Academy evaluation and follow-up activities for the 2017 Sea Grant Academy.

The successful applicant will also be eligible to receive future institutional funding, without further competition, for the planning, execution, and post-Academy evaluation and follow-up activities for the 2019 Sea Grant Academy.

This future funding is not guaranteed, and will depend on future appropriations, mission priorities, and successful execution of the 2017 Sea Grant Academy. Applications to this competition announcement should not request any funding for the 2019 Academy. Should funding for the 2019 Academy become available in the future, a separate application will be requested. For planning purposes, the amount of funding available for the 2019 Sea Grant Academy should be assumed to be about $50,000.

Background. To date, the five previous Academies have successfully provided nearly 200 Sea Grant participants with training in NOAA-Sea Grant culture, the fundamentals of Sea Grant philosophy, and professional skills.  They have also learned from subject-matter experts and peers, and formed partnerships between programs and with other NOAA line offices.

The 2017 Academy is intended for approximately 30 relatively new, Sea Grant professionals. It will consist of two, week-long workshops, spaced about six months apart, and an intersession assignment for the participants.  In the past, in order to cover additional Academy costs, additional funding support has been provided by the participating Sea Grant programs (registration fees and travel), and by the Sea Grant Extension Assembly.  

The successful proposal will identify the two primary training venues, likely dates for the week-long sessions, and a proposed course of study for the participants.  The course of study should include the working titles for the topics to be covered during both sessions. The first session should be conducted at a venue in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Such a location offers the opportunity to visit the National Sea Grant Office, other NOAA offices, as well as the Department of Commerce and will enable the Academy organizers to draw presenters from Washington area federal offices as well as nearby Sea Grant College programs.

Session 2 should take place at a reasonably priced location in a Sea Grant state, territory, or commonwealth.  The venue should be conveniently located to local Sea Grant programs which could be called on to assist in training and field-based activities. Proposal should include an estimate of the costs, including registration fee and travel costs, for participants attending the two sessions. The "Cost" Evaluation Criteria described in the Federal Funding Opportunity will include consideration of these costs, as well as the cost of the grant itself.

An evaluation of the Academy will also be required.  Applicants should identify the evaluation strategies they propose to use.

Because selection for an award for the 2017 Sea Grant Academy will also establish eligibility for future funding for the 2019 Sea Grant Academy, the proposal should also briefly describe how the planning, execution, evaluation and follow-up of the 2017 Academy will inform and facilitate the 2019 Sea Grant Academy.

It is anticipated that no more than one application will be selected. Applications should propose a start date of August 1, 2016 or later, and run for up to two years. Applications may request up to $50,000 in Federal funding. Nonfederal matching funds are not required for this competition.  

An application must include these components as described in the Federal Funding Opportunity: SF-424 form, 90-2 Project Summary (use the "Short Form"), and Project Description. In addition, the application must include a 90-4 form. The "Short Form" 90-2 and 90-4 forms are available on the Sea Grant Forms and Templates webpage.

Applications must be submitted on grants.gov to Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2016-2004772, Special Projects "A", no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

This competition is only open to Sea Grant Programs (Sea Grant Colleges, Institutions and Coherent Area Programs), the National Sea Grant Law Center, and the National Sea Grant Library.

For further information about this National Strategic Investment, please consult Federal Funding Opportunity NOAA-OAR-SG-2016-2004772, available on the Federal Grant Opportunity website, http://grants.gov, or send questions to oar.hq.sg.competitions@noaa.gov

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