Thursday, August 17, 2017

How We Work: The Sea Grant Model

North Carolina Sea Grant Extension Agent interviews fisherman about oyster sanctuaries.  Photo Credit: David Eggleston, North Carolina Sea Grant

The Sea Grant model integrates research and outreach (including extension, communication, and education) for science with real world impacts.

Sea Grant takes a multi-faceted approach to outreach to share and explain new research discoveries, engage citizens in decision‐making processes, and empower stakeholders to address national, state, and local issues. Sea Grant extension, communication, and education specialists translate research into usable information and products for many audiences, ensuring that Sea Grant science, products, and information is delivered to those who need it, and in ways that are relevant.

Sea Grant works to implement national priorities at the local level, while also identifying citizens’ needs in order to inform state, regional and national research agendas. This two-way flow of information and services ensures that Sea Grant solutions meet demonstrated needs, help support businesses and enable policy-makers to make balanced, well-informed decisions.


Explore the facets of the Sea Grant model below.


Sea Grant supports the work of more than 3,000 scientists and researchers in a wide variety of disciplines from over 300 institutions.

Our network of scientists conduct cutting edge research to answer critical questions and generate solutions using new technologies.

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Sea Grant’s network of extension professionals take scientific information out of the lab and into the field


Sea Grant educators deliver marine and aquatic science education to teachers and students of all ages.


Sea Grant communicators build public understanding of important coastal issues. 

Impacts and Accomplishments

The Sea Grant network enables NOAA and the nation to tap the best science, technology and expertise to balance human and environmental needs in coastal communities.

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Partnerships & Collaborations

By working across institutional and geographic boundaries, Sea Grant is able to leverage its talents, capabilities and resources. Sea Grant programs partner with thousands of organizations in order to leverage efforts, meet goals and expand the scope of their efforts.

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