Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sea Grant Week 2014 Effective Use of Social Media Resources

Best Practices from the Sea Grant Communication Network 

Introduction to the social media and looking forward (Stephanie Ariganello – Michigan Sea Grant)

Building a following on Social Media

Building a following on Facebook: Utilizing contests and tagging to facilitate networking (Rebecca Burton/Heather Jones – Florida Sea Grant)
Pleeeeease “Like” me…: Building a Social Media Following (Paul Focazio – New York Sea Grant)

Using Multiple Feeds in a Single Program

Divide and Conquor: Using multiple feeds and outlets to reach specific audiences (Rebecca Burton/Heather Jones – Florida Sea Grant)
Curated Feeds to Create a Narrative (Moira Harrington – Wisconsin Sea Grant)

Cross –Platform Uses and Audiences

Managing Social Media Without Getting Swamped & Handout (Pat Kight – Oregon Sea Grant)
Videos for Social Media Communication (Lillie Paquette – MIT Sea Grant)

Evaluating the effectiveness of social media

Evaluating your Social Media (Peg Van Patten – Connecticut Sea Grant)
Evaluating you Social Media (Moira Harrington - Wisconsin Sea Grant)

For more information, please contact a member of the planning team:

Stephanie Ariganello – Michigan Sea Grant ( )
Rebecca Burton – Florida Sea Grant ( ) 
Aaron Conklin – Wisconsin Sea Grant ( )
Paul Focazio – New York Sea Grant ( )
Moira Harrington – Wisconsin Sea Grant ( )
Heather Jones – Florida Sea Grant ( )
Pat Kight – Oregon Sea Grant ( ) 
Kathryn MacDonald – National Sea Grant Office (
Lillie Paquette – MIT Sea Grant ( )
Elizabeth Rohring – National Sea Grant Office ( )
Peg Van Patten – Connecticut Sea Grant ( )

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