Thursday, August 17, 2017

NOAA Sea Grant Community Climate Adaptation Initiative:
Helping communities prepare for climate change


NOAA Sea Grant is committed to improving the nation's ability to understand, plan for, and respond to climate variability and change along our shorelines. 

This $500K climate adaptation initiative is designed to support action to prepare for the current and predicted impacts of climate variability and change on America's coastal communities.  Applications to this competition must propose projects that identify and address the vulnerabilities a coastal community may face in adapting to climate change.  These projects are expected to produce demonstrable outcomes by the end of the project period.  Projects must be carried out in active partnership with local (county or municipal) leadership, and should include cooperation with relevant state, NOAA, and other Federal agencies, or other organizations, as appropriate.

Map of 2013 CCAI Projects.  Use the + or - buttons for more detail.

Map of 2012 CCAI Projects.

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