Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NOAA Sea Grant Community Climate Adaptation Initiative:
Helping communities prepare for climate change

NOAA Sea Grant is committed to improving the nation's ability to understand, plan for, and respond to climate variability and change along our shorelines.  

Sea Grant has held multiple Community Climate Adaptation Initiative (CCAI) grant competitions to help enhance planning for climate adaptation in coastal communities.  Based on the success of initial projects, new projects will help communities meet the climate change challenges and hazards that threaten their economic and social well-being.  The primary objectives are to provide the communities with sufficient information to consider alternatives, enable them to make well-informed decisions, and ultimately, to develop and implement customized solutions.  The projects may also serve as a model for other communities to carry out climate adaptation.

Use the drop-down below the map to explore projects by year. 

Sea Grant's Community Climate Adaptation Initiative Handout

PDF list of 2012 Community Climate Adaptation Initiative projects

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