Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sea Grant Climate Resources 

The complex global issue of climate change is a challenge to the science and education communities attempting to inform and educate the people of the United States. A significant portion of the American public does not understand the science, may not believe climate change is occurring, and more importantly, is unclear how it will affect their lives. It is clear from recent attitudinal surveys that simply providing the scientific facts is insufficient.

Public engagement must be based on a clear understanding of local situations and individual values so people can gain a better understanding of how a changing climate will impact their lives and options to change behaviors and adapt life styles accordingly. This transfer of knowledge is best accomplished at local scales in a trusted environment, taking advantage of the relationships and associated trust the Sea Grant network has established over several decades working in America’s coastal, Great Lakes and island communities.


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Sea Grant and a Changing Climate Handout

Sea Grant Community Climate Adaptation Initiative

Climate Change Resources

The President's Climate Change Initiative

General Climate Information from Sea Grant State Programs

Regional Climate Working Groups

Federal Resources For Climate Change

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