Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sea Grant and Climate

Property flooding in Wisconsin (Image: University of Wisconsin Sea Grant)


Sea Grant focuses on helping communities understand climate science and how they can adapt to the opportunities and challenges it presents. Our close connections with the people of the coasts, and commitment to sharing the best science so that people can make informed choices, ensures that we will continue to seek opportunities to serve.

Check out NOAA's Climate Program Office for current climate research being done by NOAA


Community Climate Adaptation Initiative 

The Community Climate Adaptation Initiative (CCAI) helps communities access the most current climate adaptation science and prepare for the long term consequences of climate variability and change 

2013 Community Climate Adaptation Project Map

2012 Community Climate Initiative Projects

Climate Resources

The Sea Grant Network provides information and resources to coastal communities regarding the impacts of climate change and variability. These adaptation strategies range from inclement weather patterns, sea level rise, to erosion control. 


Climate Work Groups and Partners

By working across institutional and geographic boundaries, Sea Grant is able to leverage its talents, capabilities and resources. Sea Grant programs partner with many organizations in order to leverage efforts, meet goals and expand the scope of their efforts in climate variation and change.


The President's Climate Change Initiative

Under President Obama’s leadership, the United States has engaged the international community to promote sustainable economic growth and to meet the climate change challenge through a number of important venues

Executive Order -- Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change


Sea Grant Climate Stories

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