Monday, August 21, 2017

Sustainable Coastal Development

Coastal communities in America provide vital economic, social, and recreational opportunities for millions of Americans, but decades of population migration have transformed our coastal landscapes and intensified demand on finite coastal resources. The increase in population has resulted in new housing developments and recreation facilities, a new generation of energy development activities, port expansions, and other business activities.

Coastal residential and commercial properties create a Working Waterfront. Photo Credit: Maine Sea Grant

These changes are placing tremendous pressure on coastal lands, water supplies, and traditional ways of life. To accommodate more people and activity, and to balance growing demands on coastal resources, we must develop new policies, institutional capacities, and management approaches to guide the preservation and use of coastal, ocean and Great Lakes resources. Sea Grant will engage a diverse and growing coastal population in applying the best available scientific knowledge, and use its extension and education capabilities to support the development of healthy coastal communities that are economically and socially inclusive, are supported by diverse and vibrant economies, and function within the carrying capacity of their ecosystems.


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