Thursday, August 17, 2017

NOAA Regions Map

Sea Grant Regional Initiatives


Sea Grant recognizes the value in identifying and prioritizing needs on a regional level as a cornerstone of sound ocean, coastal and Great Lakes ecosystem management.  Sea Grant continues to solidify its regional partnerships with each of the eight NOAA regions, bringing together academic institutions, federal, state and local government agencies, and non‐governmental organizations to address regional issues. Recently, working with each of the eight NOAA regions, Sea Grant conducted research and information needs assessments. The outputs of these assessments are collaborative, stakeholder driven, regional research plans to enhance scientific efforts and provide essential information for managing regional ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources.

Sea Grant Regional Projects

Information on current and previous Sea Grant regional projects

NOAA Regional Collaboration

NOAA’s Regional Collaboration effort is a network of NOAA employees and affiliates representing the agency’s diverse capabilities across the country.

Sea Grant Regional Contacts

A listing of Sea Grant regional programs and contact information

Sea Grant Regional Plans

Links to more information on the Sea Grant Regional Plans

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