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About the Sea Grant Impacts and Accomplishments Search

An impact is a summary of verifiable economic, societal, and/or environmental benefits of Sea Grant’s work. Sometimes projects take years for true objective and measurable impacts. Accomplishments are the key actions, activities or products resulting from Sea Grant activities. They may not yet be quantifiable, but they are no less important; perhaps this project laid the foundation for key behavioral changes within a community or resulted in an important targeted committee - the Sea Grant network records these under accomplishments. Sea Grant programs spend a considerable amount of effort reporting their best and strongest quantifiable impacts. This is not an exhaustive list of all the projects that Sea Grant works on, or even an exhaustive list of all the impacts Sea Grant programs have made, it is the strongest impacts from each program for any given grant year.

This search allows you to browse or do a character search on the Sea Grant Network impacts and accomplishments.  The filters have drop-down menus and the search will look for the exact letters that you type. We are continually working to make the search better and more user friendly, check back for updates often.

The more filters you use to refine your search the faster it will run.

Filter Options

  • Region/Program: There are 33 Sea Grant programs, the National Sea Grant Library, and the National Sea Grant Law Center. Additionally, Sea Grant programs work together on a regional level for many projects. Use this filter to tailor your results to a specific Sea Grant Program or a geographical area.
  • Year: Impacts are reported in the year (grant fiscal year of February 1 - January 31) in which they occur, not the year in which first efforts were made. Many research projects take several years to have measurable impacts.
  • National Focus Areas: The 2010-2013 Sea Grant Strategic Plan identifies four main focus areas of critical importance to the health and vitality of the nation's coastal resources and communities. *Note that projects may be in more than one focus area due to the cross-cutting nature of our work. Primary focus areas are listed in the header information*
    • Health Coastal Ecosystems: including topics areas such as ecosystem restoration, invasive species, conservation, ecosystem-based monitoring tools, etc.
    • Hazard Resilient Coastal Communities: including topic areas such as climate change adaptation, coastal processes, hazards, storm water management and inundation mapping, etc.
    • Sustainable Coastal Development: including topic areas such as energy efficiency, coastal development, living shorelines, tourism, etc.
    • Safe and Sustainable Seafood Supply: including topics in all sectors of the seafood industry, including fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, consumer safety, etc.
  • Impact or Accomplishment:  You have four options for this filer; Both (Impacts and Accomplishments), Impacts - All, Impacts - Featured, or just Accomplishments.  
    • Impacts - All should be used to browse all impacts. 
    • Impacts - Featured will show you the top 20 impacts from each program across all four Sea Grant focus areas and cross cutting goals
    • Accomplishments should be used to browse all accomplishments

Word Search Option

  • Try using just the leading letters of a word to search for variations. For example, searching on the word oyster will search for oyster and oysters, but searching on the word oysters will not search oyster.
  • If you would like to search for an exact phrase without pulling up the variation, add a space to the end of the word. For example, to search for law and not Delaware, search for law with a space after it.
  • If you would like to search for an exact phrase you can type in two words separated by a space. For example, citizen science will pull all projects that have the exact term ‘citizen science’.
  • If you would like to search for two keywords, not an exact phrase, use the ‘add search term’ feature. This will allow you to search for two or three separate words that are not exact phrases.
  • Use the search drop-down menu to search all projects for specific partners, or exact titles. 
  • The site currently does not have an “export” function that will allow you to export your results into a spreadsheet or word document.  We realize this is an essential function and are working to build a feature.

Our public search includes all impacts and accomplishments reported by Sea Grant programs starting in 2010. Each new impact is automatically included in the public search as soon as it is reported by the Sea Grant Programs and reviewed by a Program Officer in the NOAA Sea Grant Office.


If you are having trouble finding what you’re looking for, try expanding your filters or search terms.

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