Thursday, August 17, 2017

Social Science National Social Science Initiative

Removal of old Crab Traps. Photo Credit: Louisiana Sea Grant

Sea Grant's Social Science National Strategic Initiative (NSI) aims to improve our understanding of integrated social, economic, and environmental systems in our Nation's coastal areas. Sea Grant defines Social Science research as the process of describing, explaining, and predicting human behavior as practiced by individuals and groups. 

The Sea Grant Network has greatly expanded its social science research portfolio since 2010. The number of Sea Grant social science research projects and the number of programs funding them both increased by about half and federal funding nearly tripled. In the 2014-2015 research cycle, 29 programs funded 59 research projectsAdditionally, Sea Grant programs are increasing their social science capacity through hiring social scientists.

 Sea Grant will continue to use its uniquely embedded role in the community to further integrate social science and natural science research to improve coastal and Great Lakes planning and resource management.

Social Science Highlights & Impacts

Click the header for recent examples of Social Science impacts and graphics that display proportions of research by Focus Area and social science discipline.

Regional Social Science Requests for Proposals

Additionally, some Sea Grant/NOAA Regional Team collaborative projects focused on social science research.

Social Science Data, Tools, and Reports

Click the header for access to useful Social Science data, tools, and reports.

Additionally, some Sea Grant programs have social science tools available on their websites

Sea Grant Social Science Community of Practice

Sea Grant invites network, academic, and NOAA social scientists to join our Community of Practice to 1) facilitate interaction among the three groups, 2) identify opportunities to leverage each other’s capabilities, 3) compile and make available a list of potential reviewers for social science proposals; and 4) support communication of Sea Grant social science successes.

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