Wednesday, August 16, 2017

National Sea Grant Advisory Board February 27-28 Meeting Presentations


National Sea Grant College Program, Director’s Update (Leon Cammen, Director, National Sea Grant Office ‐ NSGO) 

Sea Grant Association Update (LaDon Swann, President, Sea Grant Association) 

Site Visits (Sami Grimes, National Sea Grant Office ‐ NSGO) 

Biennial Report Update (R. Fortner, NSGAB) 

Dr. Bob Detrick, Assistant Administrator, NOAA Research 

Allocation Committee Update (L. Cammen, NSGO and D. Vortmann, NSGAB) 

Rebalancing Sea Grant's Base Funding Resources Report (L. Cammen, NSGO, R. Schmitten, NSGAB)

NSGO Website and public project and impact search update (E. Ban, NSGO) 

Focus Area Updates (Tammy Newcomer and Elizabeth Bevan, NSGO Knauss Fellows) 

Sea Grant Education Impacts (R. Fortner, NSGAB) 

Pennsylvania Sea Grant College Status Request (Dorn Carlson, NSGO)


Focus Area Annual Reports

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