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Inside Sea Grant

Guidance and Planning documents

2018-2021 Omnibus Guidance

Sea Grant National Strategic Planning

Upcoming Meetings

Sea Grant Association and National Sea Grant Advisory Board meetings - Spring 2018

Meeting Recaps

Extension Assembly and Communicator Meeting, October 2-6, 2017 - Astoria, OR

Sea Grant Association Meeting in Savannah, GA - October 2017

National Sea Grant Advisory Board Fall 2017 - National update presentation

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This open access site allows the National Sea Grant Office (NSGO) to easily update and share information and documents with Sea Grant Network. The purpose of "Inside Sea Grant" is to provide a functional administrative space for NSGO to Sea Grant Network coordination.

For more information on Sea Grant, including fellowship and funding opportunities, please visit the main Sea Grant website, or email 

Sea Grant Administrative Calendar


February 8 - State strategic plans due to National Sea Grant Office
February 21 - 2018 Knauss applications due to Sea Grant Programs
March 5 to 8 - Sea Grant Academy, Week One, Annapolis, MD
March 14 to 16 - NOAA Grants Management Division Workshop, Silver Spring, MD (+ webinar)
March 28 to 30 - NOAA Grants Management Division Workshop, Seattle, WA (+ webinar)
April 7 - 2018 Knauss applications due from Programs to
June 16 - Indication of interest due to National Sea Grant Office for Regional Integration and Network Visioning opportunities
June 30 - Annual reports due to National Sea Grant Office
June 30 - 2018-2021 Strategic Plan input due to National Sea Grant Office (PIER input)
July 31 -  Network Visioning proposals due to NSGO
August 31 - Network Visioning and Regional Integrations proposals due in Grants Online
November 1 - 2018-2021 Omnibus packages due
November 12 to 17 - Knauss Fellowship Placement Week