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A decade of growth: How Knauss fellows shaped the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program

A celebration of the program’s 10th anniversary featuring reflections by current staff who kickstarted their careers as Knauss fellows

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By: Halle Berger. Over the past decade, the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program (OAP) has grown through the recruitment of Sea Grant Knauss fellows like myself. In celebration of OAP’s 10th anniversary, I interviewed the former Knauss fellows currently working in OAP to better understand how the program has evolved since its inception.

The power of purpose, personal connections and paying attention

Advice from Knauss alum Stuart Levenbach, Ph.D. on the path to leadership in public policy

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By: Alexandra Skrivanek. Stuart Levenbach began his career in marine policy exploring how anemones, macroalgae, sea urchins and fish interact on rocky reefs off southern California. Less than two decades later, he was appointed as the Chief of Staff of NOAA. Dr. Levenbach always knew he would play a role in advancing natural resource policy in Washington, D.C., having full confidence in the Knauss fellowship. However, there were a few plot twists along the way.


A long and winding road: Knauss alum, Emily Larkin, shares her career journey within NOAA

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By: Josie Lindsey-Robbins. Coming from a small town in rural Missouri, Emily never imagined she would end up living and working near Washington, D.C. Today, Emily serves as the Director of Formulation and Congressional Analysis (FCA) for NOAA Research. She began her journey in NOAA as a 2005 Knauss Fellow, placed within the National Ocean Service in the suite of the administrative assistant, who was Dr. Richard Spinrad at the time. 


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