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Tighter Rules Could Increase Yield and Revenues From Blue Crab Fishery, Study Finds

New research funded by Maryland Sea Grant

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The Chesapeake Bay’s renowned blue crab fishery could support a larger harvest and higher revenues for fishermen if regulators extended protections for mature female crabs, a new study funded by Maryland Sea Grant says.

Why West Coast Crab Fishers and Tugboat Captains Aren’t Feeling Crabby

Washington Sea Grant’s Steve Harbell helps these industries find a better way to share formerly troubled waters.

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It might seem incongruous to talk of traffic disputes and costly collisions in an area as vast as the waters off the Pacific coast. But that’s the situation that afflicted the coast’s tribal and commercial crab fishers and its tug-and-barge and shipping operators for decades as they shared the same sealanes.

Big Challenges, Joint Solutions: Building Capacity for Collaborative Fisheries Research

Workshop bringing together fisherman and scientists to discuss collaborative fisheries research

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Virginia Sea Grant and partners organized a day long workshop bringing together fisherman and scientists to discuss collaborative fisheries research to improve gear and fishing methods. The 2014 workshop focused on shrimp fisheries and turtle bycatch.

Sassy Scallops: How will shellfish fare as ocean conditions shift?

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Meredith White researches how ocean acidification affects the larval stage of commercial scallops

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Average world ocean pH has dropped from 8.2 to 8.1 over recent decades and is expected to drop to 7.8 by the end of the century. Dr. Meredith White, with funding in part, from Woods Hole Sea Grant, examines how this shift may effect the commercially valuable bay scallop, Argopecten irradians


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