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Five unique towns, one common goal: to work as a community and preserve their working waterfronts

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Working waterfronts in South Carolina are hotspots for tourists to enjoy the local seafood and immerse themselves in nature. This has not always been the case, however, with most waterfronts historically focused around commercial businesses and industry. While some communities embrace this change towards a more recreational focus, others fear that commercial fishing and the “traditional identity” of the town will suffer.

Coastal Tourism: Sea Caves Watch Project Saves Lives, Changes Hands

No deaths have occurred near the Apostle Islands sea caves since the website went online in 2011

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The mainland sea caves in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin are a big tourism draw, but they also can be dangerous. A real-time wave observation system project funded by Sea Grant is making the experience safer.

Coastal Tourism: Shop the Dock in Oregon

Oregon's "Shop the Dock" takes the mystery out of buying seafood off the boat

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Sponsored and run by Oregon Sea Grant, "Shop the Dock" is entering its third summer of offering free, guided educational tours of Newport's commercial fishing docks. Shoppers learn a bit about the fisheries, meet the people who catch the fish, and have an opportunity to buy the freshest salmon, tuna, halibut and crab, usually at prices lower than they'd find at their local supermarkets.


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