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New Legal Research Report Provides Overview of State Oyster Restoration Policies

Overview of the permitting for oyser restoration programs in 21 states

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The permitting processes for oyster restoration projects can be challenging to navigate, as a maze of state and federal programs may apply. A new legal research report, released by the National Sea Grant Law Center and the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program, hopes to make these processes a little more easy to navigate by providing an overview of the permitting programs in 21 states.

VIDEO: Rhode Island's Shellfish Management Plan

Rhode Island Sea Grant helps communities come together to plan for a better future

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Two years in the making, Rhode Island’s first comprehensive shellfish management plan was celebrated recently at the University of Rhode Island by the state agencies, project managers, researchers, stakeholders, and funders who made it happen.

Texas Sea Grant project helps shrimp fishery save sea turtles and gain access to new retail markets

A new pilot program helps shrimpers certify the proper use of turtle exclusion devices

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Texas Sea Grant, with funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), has launched a pilot program to help shrimpers correctly install and operate turtle excluder devices, known as TEDs, and to develop a process to certify those that do. This vessel certification will help consumers choose “turtle-safe” wild-caught Gulf shrimp at their local supermarkets.

Marketing locally caught seafood in New Hampshire

N.H. Sea Grant invest in retailer and consumer preferences on seafood and direct market sales

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New Hampshire Sea Grant is heavily involved in research and extension efforts to address the best way to market seafood and keep fishermen financially afloat, including providing resources for direct market seafood sales and research into retailer and consumer preferences on seafood.

Tighter Rules Could Increase Yield and Revenues From Blue Crab Fishery, Study Finds

New research funded by Maryland Sea Grant

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The Chesapeake Bay’s renowned blue crab fishery could support a larger harvest and higher revenues for fishermen if regulators extended protections for mature female crabs, a new study funded by Maryland Sea Grant says.


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