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A Community Self-Assessment to Address Climate Change Readiness

Minnesota Sea Grant

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The purpose of this assessment tool is to provide community leaders, administrators, planners, engineers, public work directors, and natural resource managers with a simple method in the form of a checklist divided into nine different categories to review their community's particular vulnerabilities to climate trends and to identify priority areas to focus on through planning and projects. The goal of this tool is to help communities in the Great Lakes region identify and address vulnerabilities through education and planning to help reduce the impacts and costs of climate change-related damage through adaptation policies and procedures.

The weTable

Texas Sea Grant

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This affordable public participation tool, developed by Texas Sea Grant's Texas Coastal Watershed Program, allows teams to collaboratively explore and use computer-based data and programs in a workshop setting. 

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Encouraging Wisconsin communities to prepare for climate change

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Backed by University of Wisconsin Sea Grant, a grad student will use a concept called storm transposition to show Wisconsin communities why they may want to invest in climate change resilience.

Achieving Smart Growth in ‘Ewa, Hawai‘i

University of Hawai'i Sea Grant promotes development that is beneficial to the economy, the community, and the environment.

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University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program convened a nationally recognized team of experts to create viable, long-term solutions that elevate the quality of life within the existing and developing communities in 'Ewa, Hawai'i.

Coastal Communities Sharing Ways to Adapt to Climate Change

An interactive map of best practices in 34 jurisdictions from Maine to Virginia

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Helping diverse coastal communities adapt to a wide array of impacts from climate change is a challenge. Learn how Connecticut Sea Grant is making things a little easier by compiling the best practices from 34 communities along the northeast coast, from Maine to Virginia, and displaying them in an interactive map.


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