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The First 50 Years of Sea Grant: Two Careers on the Launch Pad

Rita Colwell was the first director of Maryland Sea Grant

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When Rita Colwell, a pioneering marine microbiologist, became the first director of Maryland Sea Grant in 1977, she launched the new program as a major player in Chesapeake Bay science by supporting basic research and applying its findings to real-world problems. 

The First 50 Years of Sea Grant: Making the Law and Policy Connection

The development of Sea Grant's Legal Network and the National Sea Grant Law Center

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Attorneys working with Sea Grant programs undertake critical law and policy research, translate scientific information for policy makers, and contribute to policy discussions regarding the management of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resources on federal, state, and local levels. 

The First 50 Years of Sea Grant: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Looks Back on its Humble Beginnings

Looking back at the start of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

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The National Sea Grant Program is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) is looking back at its own origins through the eyes of its first leader. 

The First 50 Years of Sea Grant: MIT Sea Grant is Making Sure Fishing Communities are Heard

The development of social science at MIT Sea Grant

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MIT Sea Grant is celebrating Sea Grant's 50th Anniversary with a look back at the work of anthropologist Madeleine Hall-Arber. Madeleine started with MIT Sea Grant in 1976, and her work throughout her time there has focused on fishing communities in New England. 

The First 50 Years of Sea Grant: Remembering John A. Knauss

The late John A. Knauss leaves a long legacy of service to the nation and its oceans

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Dr. John A. Knauss passed away in 2015. He was the founding Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, an Administrator of NOAA, and a Founding Father of the National Sea Grant College Program. 


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