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South Carolina Guide to Beachfront Property

South Carolina Sea Grant

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Many residents of South Carolina and beyond aspire to live at the beachfront.  To better prepare people seeking beachfront homes (as well as those already enjoying life at the beachfront) regarding specific hazards and regulations, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, with significant contributions from the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, has produced the South Carolina Guide to Beachfront Property. Included is information on typical hazards homeowners are likely to face (hurricanes, erosion, flooding, wind, and earthquakes), insurance information, and important state regulations regarding construction and renovation practices. 

Septic Sense and Septic Social Workshops

Washington Sea Grant

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These workshops are designed to bring confidence to homeowners and businesses so that they can properly manage their on-site sewage systems. The workshops focus on the monitoring and maintenance of septic systems during all conditions and highlight special monitoring after an earthquake, during flooding events and power outages.


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