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From Paralichthys to Policy

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By: Kenneth Erickson. What makes a fisheries biologist qualified to communicate with Congress about satellites and space policy? The same skills that make a successful graduate student: good time management, effective communication and the ability to process and distill complex information.

Knauss Fellowship: Knauss Fellow from OSU Brings Ocean Expertise to U.S. Senate

Melissa Errend is one of Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 Knauss fellows, providing marine science expertise for Congress.

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Melissa Errend is one of Oregon Sea Grant's 2016 Knauss fellows. A former Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar, Errend is now connecting science and policy in Congress. 

Knauss Fellowship: Building Capacity, Connections, and Marine Research and Policy Careers

A second generation of state-based fellowships brings the Knauss concept back to the other Washington

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The Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship has inspired programs to start state-level marine policy fellowships. Across the country from the Knauss Fellowship, Washington Sea Grant developed the Hershman Marine Policy Fellowship. 


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