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Why Dunes are Important Lesson Plan

New Jersey Sea Grant

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Using modeling techniques, students discover how coastal dunes form and how they can protect coastal areas from erosion and flooding during storms and harsh weather events. Students will make predictions and observations, then come to their own conclusions about the importance of dunes and how they can make coastal areas more resilient against storms.

Shrinking Shorelines Lesson Plan

New Jersey Sea Grant

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In this activity students will build a model of a salt marsh and the land surrounding it out of clay. Students will use this model to see what happens to salt marshes when the sea level rises and how the slope of the land and the location affect the marshes survival.

Get to Know the Great Lakes through FieldScope

New Interactive Mapping Tool Offers Great Lakes Exploration and Data Sharing

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If you were to pour a bucket of water in your yard, where would the water end up? Great Lakes FieldScope is a new interactive mapping tool that will help explore what happens to that water. Students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts can share and analyze real-world data, including observations they took themselves!


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