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Gulf Sea Grant laboratories exchange techniques, equipment to support production of oyster larvae

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A strong partnership between Louisiana and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant programs fosters the exchange of information and problem solving for successful oyster larvae production; supports growing off-bottom aquaculture industry in the northern Gulf of Mexico. 

National Seafood Month: Grand Isle Oyster Hatchery to Produce Year-Round

Supporting shellfish aquaculture in Louisiana

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On average, 400 million oyster larvae were produced at the Grand Isle Oyster Hatchery annually. With the recent grand opening of the new hatchery facility, 1 billion Crassostrea virginica oyster larvae can be produced annually. 

Ecosystem Services Viewer Brings Value of Gulf of Mexico Habitats to your Home and Office

The value of salt marshes, mangroves, and oyster reefs in the Gulf

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The Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Services Viewer shows, in an interactive format, the values people place on salt marshes, mangroves and oyster reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on research results, this tool fills an informational gap in the Gulf. 


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