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Water Resources: Improving Water Quality Through Better Boating

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium works with boaters and marinas to implement best management practices.

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Recreational boating is a popular summertime activity in many states that can impact water quality. New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium works with boaters and marinas to minimize these impacts and assist businesses who wish to implement best management practices.

Severe Storm Preparedness Week: The Calm after the Storm

Ohio Sea Grant educators help prepare Great Lakes marinas for severe storm impacts

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Ohio Sea Grant is administering 10 grant projects from the NOAA Coastal Storms Program, including one led by two of its extension educators that will develop a tool for marina owners to help them prepare for severe weather. 

Needs Assessment of New Jersey Business Owners

New Jersey Sea Grant

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As part of the National Sea Grant Coastal Communities Climate Adaptation Initiative (CCCAI), NJSGC is developing and implementing an education and outreach campaign designed to promote long term planning that will educate waterfront property owners and associated businesses about the need to gain an understanding of climate change and consider the potential impacts associated with it when planning for the future. 


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