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Gulf Sea Grant laboratories exchange techniques, equipment to support production of oyster larvae

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A strong partnership between Louisiana and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant programs fosters the exchange of information and problem solving for successful oyster larvae production; supports growing off-bottom aquaculture industry in the northern Gulf of Mexico. 

National Flood Insurance Program/Community Rating System

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant has provided technical assistance in the form of holding workshops, hosting webinars, participation in community floodplain management groups, and development of outreach materials specifically designed for community's who participate in the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System.

Financial Resilience Manual

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

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This decision support tool can be used to identify the optimal policy alternative to allocate financial reserves necessary for local governments along the coast to minimize the financial burden of cleanup, recovery, and reconstruction costs from future tropical storm events.

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

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The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program, a component of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium's Outreach Program, provides legal research, education, and outreach services to coastal communities in Mississippi, Alabama, and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.


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