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National Seafood Month: Washington Sea Grant Helps Northwest Tribes and Salmon Fishermen Upgrade their Catches, Open New Markets, and Triumph in Tough Times

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From cleaning and bleeding to direct marketing, casino contracts, and restaurant romance: Pete Granger and his Washington Sea Grant colleagues help Washington's tribes and other coastal communities resist an import invasion and take control of their fishing future. 

National Seafood Month: Sea Grant Boat Safety Training Helps Save Two Fishermen

Keeping commercial fishermen and sailors safe in the Gulf of Mexico

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Commercial fishing can be a dangerous job. Thanks to Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Extension agents, 200 sailors have been trained as marine safety instructors. The training recently helped save two fishermen in a collision. 

National Seafood Month: Spotlight on Connecticut Sea Grant Extension Agent Tessa Getchis

Connecticut Sea Grant's Aquaculture Extension Specialist

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" Sea Grant is about the community we are connected to. We are a small staff, but we collaborate with a myriad of organizations to conduct research and get the word out about Connecticut’s coastal and maritime resources and challenges. Our strength is in our partnerships."

National Seafood Month: New York Sea Grant Catches a New Seafood Safety and Technology Specialist

From lobster to catfish and back again—Mike Ciaramella’s plate is full

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" I am focusing on identifying needs in the areas of outreach and education, as well as the production, safety, sustainability and marketability of seafood."


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