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Septic Sense and Septic Social Workshops

Washington Sea Grant

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These workshops are designed to bring confidence to homeowners and businesses so that they can properly manage their on-site sewage systems. The workshops focus on the monitoring and maintenance of septic systems during all conditions and highlight special monitoring after an earthquake, during flooding events and power outages.

Coastal Property Guide

Rhode Island Sea Grant

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The coastal property guide is a publication and web-based tool for property owners, navigating them through 10 key questions related to issues from coastal erosion and sea level rise, to buffers and septic systems.

Will Septic Systems Fail to Protect Sensitive Ecosystems?

With rising surface temperatures and sea level how will coastal septic system fair?

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George Loomis, a soil scientist and director of the New England Onsite Wastewater Training Center at the University of Rhode Island, is part of a research team supported by Sea Grant that is looking at the current designs and parameters for septic systems against various climate change scenarios.


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