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Sea Grant Tools Help Communities Become More Resilient

The National Sea Grant toolkit compiles tools that have been developed by the Sea Grant Network

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This National Sea Grant Resilience Toolkit allows people to learn about tools from across the entire Sea Grant network giving users the opportunity to adapt tools for their own local needs. Each entry includes a description of the tools, a link for more information, and a point of contact.

Get to Know the Great Lakes through FieldScope

New Interactive Mapping Tool Offers Great Lakes Exploration and Data Sharing

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If you were to pour a bucket of water in your yard, where would the water end up? Great Lakes FieldScope is a new interactive mapping tool that will help explore what happens to that water. Students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts can share and analyze real-world data, including observations they took themselves!

New Tool Helps Planners Steer Clear of Tipping Points

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant leads the effort to inform community planners about crucial ecosystem tipping points

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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is leading the effort to develop an online tool that allows community planners to make informed decisions regarding land use by identifying how watershed ecosystems will look in the future if current land use practices continue or are ramped up.

Sea Grant and UGA help communities plan for the future

Georgia Sea Grant, University of Georgia, and North Carolina Sea Grant research how to accommodate sea level rise in historic districts of St. Marys, GA

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Georgia Sea Grant, University of Georgia, and North Carolina Sea Grant are launching a project to help St. Marys, GA and Hyde County, NC plan for sea level rise, increased coastal flooding and intensified storm surges.


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