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Five unique towns, one common goal: to work as a community and preserve their working waterfronts

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Working waterfronts in South Carolina are hotspots for tourists to enjoy the local seafood and immerse themselves in nature. This has not always been the case, however, with most waterfronts historically focused around commercial businesses and industry. While some communities embrace this change towards a more recreational focus, others fear that commercial fishing and the “traditional identity” of the town will suffer.

Feeling the squeeze: Florida Sea Grant provides multiple tools to help coastal communities balance competing demands for water access

Is there room on the water for everybody?

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Is there room on the water for everybody? If coastal communities are to remain sustainable, residents, visitors, policy makers, and regulators need new methods and information sources to harmonize the growing demand for access to their beaches and waterways. Researchers and extension specialists at Florida Sea Grant are making that challenge a priority.

Introducing a New Resource to Help our Nation's "Working Waterfront's" Flourish

NOAA Sea Grant and partners help secure the future of our nation's waterfronts and waterways

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Imagine Boston, Charleston, San Francisco or Seattle without fresh seafood, pleasure boats or shipping vessels. It is an impossible task. The history, culture and identity of these communities are inextricably linked to their “working waterfronts,” which are places for active, water-related commerce and desirable areas in which to live and work. Unfortunately, many of these working waterfronts face a growing number of challenges. 


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