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Delaware Sea Grant achieved college status in 1976 and is based at the University of Delaware College of Marine Studies. Their mission is to promote the wise use, conservation, and management of marine and coastal resources through high-quality research, education, and outreach activities that benefit the public and the environment.

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Delaware Sea Grant by the Numbers

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*Metrics reported in Summer 2021 for work conducted February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. "Students supported" includes new and continuing students receiving financial support to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Delaware Sea Grant Featured Impacts

Meet Delaware Sea Grant Experts

Christopher Petrone

Marine Education Specialist - Christopher works with Delaware students and teachers at all levels. His education programs span the topics of marine science, environmental science, renewable energy and climate change. 

"Teachers are getting different experiences and perspectives on the science we are doing in the state that they can then take back into the classroom."

John Ewart

Aquaculture Specialist - John Ewart's work intially focused on oyster restoration within the inland bays of Delaware. These restoration efforts sparked the desire to establish oyster aquaculture in the region, and so John provides technical and permitting assistance to help potential growers navigate that process.

"We're on the verge of starting an oyster aquaculture industry in the bays."

Stephanie Dohner

Ph.D. candidate at the University of Delaware - Stephanie's research is funded by Delaware Sea Grant. She uses autonomous robot technology, like aerial drones, to study coastal morphology and how extreme weather events like tropical storms and Nor'easters affect coastal change.

"Our data can help communities with their risk management plans, developing flood maps, and looking at potential infrastructure risks."

Delaware Stories and News

NOAA Sea Grant announces $27M to further community-engaged marine debris removal and prevention

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NOAA Sea Grant announces $27M to further community-engaged marine debris removal and prevention

NOAA Sea Grant is pleased to announce $27 million in projects that will address the prevention and removal of debris in marine and Great Lakes environments throughout the U.S. Using Sea Grant’s partnered approach to bring science together with communities for solutions that work, the projects will support transformational research and the creation of local coalitions to address urgent marine debris prevention and removal needs.

Sea Grant and U.S. Coastal Research Program invest in strengthening resilient coastal communities

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Sea Grant and U.S. Coastal Research Program invest in strengthening resilient coastal communities

Through a joint competition with the U.S. Coastal Research Program (USCRP), ten new projects were selected for a total of $3.9 million in funding to translate research into application for communities. Additionally, Sea Grant programs across the nation received an additional total of $4.2 million in NOAA Sea Grant funds to increase local capacity, engagement, research, and implementation for addressing resilience challenges. 

Relief that Restores: Shellfish Aquaculture

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Relief that Restores: Shellfish Aquaculture

Sea Grant rapid response investments in aquaculture in 2020 provide multifaceted benefits

Several Sea Grant projects purchased farm fresh seafood originally intended for local restaurants and repurposed it to restore aquatic and marine environments. Not only did this creative solution aid in local restoration efforts but it also provided immediate relief to aquaculture producers whose sales were impacted by the pandemic.

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