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Extension & Outreach

Providing a workforce of over 500 on‐the‐ground extension agents who reside in many of the communities they serve.

As trusted experts who are considered honest brokers of information (non-advocacy), extension agents provide reliable technical and science‐based information to residents to address local needs while also transferring research priorities back to their universities.

Connecting Resource Networks

Extension agents connect university resources and expertise with local communities.​

Extension agents work closely with Sea Grant communicators and educators, connecting university resources and expertise with local communities and user groups. An agent might develop new information through original applied research, gather existing information for user needs, transmit information and skills through pamphlets, courses, workshops, lectures and meetings; provide technical reviews of research and policies; and stimulate new research to meet perceived needs.

In short, these specialists take complex information and show people how to use it to solve problems. Extension agents are focused on specific topics such as improving fisheries management, seafood safety, fishing gear enhancement, developing sustainable aquaculture, decreasing water pollution, restoring habitat and other topics that advance the safety and productivity of coastal‐related commerce.

by the Numbers

*Extension professionals refers to total number of Sea Grant-affiliated extension professionals. Sea Grant extension full-time equivalents = 169.

Metrics reported in Summer 2023 for work conducted February 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023.









Featured Extension Efforts

Sea Grant Extension Assembly

The Sea Grant Assembly provides a way for Sea Grant Extension program leaders to respond to network issues or needs and to provide a forum for sharing related professional knowledge.

The Sea Grant Extension Assembly serves primarily to:

  • Provide a mechanism for Sea Grant Extension (SGE) program leaders to respond to network issues or needs and to provide a forum for sharing related professional knowledge.
    Foster ongoing communication with the Sea Grant Association, National Sea Grant Office, and other SGE outreach and research components.
  • Develop mechanisms to increase cooperative programming, outreach innovations, and talent sharing.
  • Encourage national and regional professional recognition for outstanding performance for appropriate SGE professionals.
  • Foster effective liaisons with various groups interested in collaborating with SGE program leaders in concert with the Sea Grant Association.
  • Support and encourage regional SGE program networks.

Sea Grant Extension in the News

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