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2018 Knauss Fellowship Positions

Note: Due to formatting limitations, several positions may have weird spacing and paragraph cut-offs. Please ensure you are reviewing the entirety of each position. 

Executive Positions

All Open Executive Positions (as one PDF)

E18-01, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Advisor & Assistant to Technical Director
E18-02, Department of the Navy, Policy Liaison
E18-03, NOAA NMFS, Endangered Species Program Specialist
E18-04, NOAA NOS, Coral Program Fellow
E18-05, NOAA Headquarters, Congressional Affairs Fellow
E18-06, NOAA Headquarters, International Affairs Fellow
E18-07, NOAA OAR, Project Coordinator, National Climate Assessment
E18-08, NOAA NOS, Marine Debris Sea Grant Fellow
E18-09, Department of the Navy, Interagency and International Policy Liaison
E18-10, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Marine and Coastal Resources Specialist
E18-11, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Special Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Director of Ecological Services
E18-12, NOAA OAR, Ocean Exploration Fellow
E18-13, Marine Mammal Commission, Communications and Policy Analyst
E18-14, U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System, Policy Advisor to the Executive Director
E18-15, NOAA OAR, Ocean Observing Fellow
E18-16, NOAA OAR, International Liaison: Ocean Acidification Coordination and Capacity Building
E18-17, NOAA NOS, Policy Analyst
E18-18, NOAA NOS, Ocean and Coastal Policy Analyst
E18-19, NOAA NOS, Marine Ecologist
E18-20, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA National Nutrient Criteria Program Fellow
E18-21, U.S. Geological Survey, Recreational Fishing and International Biodiversity Policy Specialist
E18-22, NOAA NMFS, Fishery Management Specialist
E18-23, NOAA NMFS, Fishery Policy Analyst
E18-24, NOAA OAR, International Activities Fellow
E18-25, NOAA OAR, Strategic Planning and Policy Analyst
E18-26, NOAA OAR, Research and Development Advancement Specialist
E18-27, NOAA NOS, Senior Scientist
E18-28, NOAA NMFS, Foreign Affairs Specialist
E18-29, NOAA OAR, Research and Development Data Specialist
E18-30, NOAA NMFS, Habitat Focus Area Program Specialist
E18-31, National Science Foundation, Knauss Fellow, Biological Oceanography Program, Division of Ocean Sciences
E18-32, National Science Foundation, Ocean Sciences Policy Fellow
E18-33, NOAA OAR, Program Analyst in Budget Formulation
E18-34, NOAA OAR, Climate Program Analyst
E18-35, NOAA NMFS, Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation Division Communication Fellow
E18-36, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Congressional and Legislative Fellow WITHDRAWN
E18-37, National Science Foundation, Senior Adviser, Environment
E18-38, NOAA National Weather Service, Marine Policy Fellow, OPC
E18-39, NOAA OAR, Evaluations Fellow
E18-40, NOAA OAR, Science Communications Specialist
E18-41, NOAA Headquarters, Education Policy Fellow
E18-42, NOAA NESDIS, Ocean Satellite Product Development Scientist / NOAA Coastwatch Outreach and Education Specialist
E18-43, NOAA NMFS, Aquaculture Program Fellow
E18-44, NOAA NESDIS, NOAA CoastWatch Outreach and Education Specialist COMBINED with E18-42
E18-45, U.S. Department of Energy, DOE Water Power Office - Marine Science Analyst and Interagency Coordinator
E18-46, NOAA NMFS, International Policy Fellow
E18-47, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Ocean Research and Policy Analyst
E18-48, NOAA Headquarters, Data Policy Fellow
E18-49, NOAA NMFS, Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation Division Fellow
E18-50, NOAA OAR, Special Assistant
E18-51, NOAA NMFS, Fisheries Management Specialist
E18-52, NOAA NMFS, Science Communications and Education Specialist
E18-53, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Marine Policy Analyst
E18-54, NOAA NMFS, NOAA Fisheries Habitat and EBFM Science Fellow
E18-55, NOAA NOS, Ocean observing science and policy fellow
E18-56, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Knauss Coastal Management Fellow
E18-57, NOAA OAR, Coastal Ecosystems and Resilience Specialist
E18-58, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Knauss Marine Pollution Fellow
E18-59, NOAA NMFS, Bycatch, Release Mortality, and Observer Program Specialist
E18-60, NOAA NMFS, NOAA Fisheries Electronic Technologies Coordinator
E18-61, NOAA NMFS, Policy/Program Analyst
E18-62, NOAA NMFS, Marine Ecologist
E18-63, National Science Foundation, Knauss Fellow, Marine Geology and Geophysics Program, Division of Ocean Sciences
E18-64, NOAA NMFS, NOAA Fisheries Advanced Sampling Technology Coordinator
E18-65, U.S. Department of Treasury, Policy Analyst
E18-66, U.S. Dept. of State, OMC Knauss Sea Grant Fellow
E18-67, NOAA NMFS, Incidental Take Program Improvement Analyst
E18-68, NOAA NMFS, Deepwater Horizon Restoration: Programmatic Evaluation Coordinator
E18-69, White House Office of Management and Budget, Policy Analyst

E18-70, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Mission Fellow
E18-71, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, OSTP Fellow - description TBA