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Current Fellows

Congratulations on being selected as a finalist for the 2020 Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship! This fellowship will be a once in a lifetime professional opportunity and we are excited to have you join the ranks of an incredible group of Knauss Fellows.

Below you will find useful information on events hosted throughout your fellowship year. If you have any questions or concerns please contact


Professional Development Trainings

Orientation NSGO Feb. 6-7, 2020 Introduce incoming Fellows to Sea Grant and the Fellowship Yes Agenda
CRS Training NSGO Feb. 5, 2020 Legislative Fellows are introduced to the services provided by the Congressional Research Services (CRS) Legislative Fellows Only  
Marine Mammal Commission 101 NSGO April 20, 2020 Learn about the Marine Mammal Commission (MMC) No  
Environmental Defesne Fund 101 NSGO May 1, 2020 Learn about the Environmental Defense Funds (EDF) No  
OAR 101/AMA NSGO May 4 & 8, 2020 Learn about OAR from Assistant Administrator Craig McLean! No  
Knauss USA Jobs 101 NSGO May 7, 2020 Learn about the USA Jobs process with Corrliss Jackson No  
UN Decades 101 NSGO June 2, 2020 Learn about with the UN Decade of Oceans is all about from fellow fellows! No  

Career Spotlight:

Dr. Amber Mace

NSGO June 17, 2020 Speak with and learn from Knauss Alumni and current SGA Board Member, Dr. Amber Mace.  No  
NOS 101/AMA NSGO June 22 & 25, 2020 Learn about NOS from NOS Policy Director Glenn Boledovich and ask questions of Acting Assistant Administrator Dr. Nicole LeBoeuf! No  
NWS 101/AMA NSGO June 30/July 2, 2020 Learn about and ask questions of NWS from Assistant Administrator Dr. Louis  Uccellini! No  
Navigating a new work environment NSGO July 6, 2020 Working with Blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting we will be hosting a 3-hour workshop (divided into 1.5-hour sessions over two days) that will explore situations that can keep us from performing at our best while in the workplace, and tips to proactively address them. No  
NMFS 101/AMA NSGO July 27 & 30, 2020 Learn about NMFS from the leadership team, inlcuding Assistant Administrator for fisheries Chris Oliver, Deputy Assisstant Administrator for Regulatory Programs Sam Rauch, Director of Scinece Programs Dr. Cisco Werner, and cheif opperating officer Paul Doremus. No  
CCA/Direct Hire Authority 101 NSGO Sept. 24, 2020 Learn about the new Conservation Corps Act and other direct hire authories from NOAA HR representative Alicia Sims-Reynolds.  No  
Contracting 101 NSGO Sept. 30, 2020 Learn about the world of Contracting with representatives from major NOAA contractors. No  
Negotations Training NSGO Oct. 1 or 6, 2020 Working with Blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting we developed a training session to give you the tools to negotate your salary/benefits during the hiring process. No  
Facilitation NSGO TBD Collaboration is one of the best ways to address coastal resource management issues, but the collaborative process is complicated and requires a systematic approach. This course provides the tools and processes needed to design and implement collaborative approaches. No Email Brook Carney to register


Professional Development Plan Cover Sheet

Graduation information (coming soon)  

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