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The National Sea Grant Office’s goal is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Knauss Fellowship Program with targeted efforts to make improvements to program administration and to enhance our ability to reach a greater diversity of prospective applicants. To support your efforts to recruit as broad of an applicant pool as possible, we’ve developed several resources and tips that we hope you’ll utilize. Sea Grant communicators and others who promote the Knauss fellowship across the Sea Grant programs are encouraged to review the Knauss recruitment best practices document and develop your own plan for promoting the opportunity.


Available Resources:

Students can find videos and PDFs with application guidance on our website ( Program recruitment materials (list below) can be found for download on Inside Sea Grant (  

  • Changes Quick Look (important changes to NOFO)

  • Webinar Slide Deck (webinar for the programs)

  • Knauss 101 Slide Deck (slide deck for programs/recruitment use)

  • NOFO Student Guide (shared with students, posted on websites, etc.)

  • Additional Resources (for social media cards/post on website)


Level of support that you may provide to potential applicants:

  • You may provide GENERAL guidance and support to an applicant. This includes how to apply and what should be included in the application materials. Please refer students to materials on the Prospective Fellows webpage.

  • Whatever level of guidance and support you provide to one applicant, you must be able to provide to another.

  • Additional support, such as copy editing, should not be done by anyone in the State selection process or the State Sea Grant chain of command. As listed above, the NSGO encourages students to interact with current and former fellows, including office hours (resources on the Prospective Fellows webpage). 

  • Once the application deadline has passed, no changes may be made to the students' materials.


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