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Research Policy and Percentage 

This information contains documents that may be helpful in assisting Sea Grant professionals understand the history and details of the "research percentage" policy. 

Allocation Policy 2003 (PDF)

Research Final report 2009, pages 1 - 35 (PDF)

Research Final report 2009, pages 36 - 71 (PDF)

Allocation Recommendations 2011 (PDF)

Allocation Recommendations 2013 (PDF)

Allocation Policy 2014 (PDF)

2018-21 Sea Grant Omnibus Funding Applications 2020

2014-17 Site Visit Guidance 2018 (PDF)


On June 2,2022, the National Sea Grant Office hosted a webinar that provided historical context, an overview of the efforts by the National Sea Grant Advisory Board to review the existing policy, and a discussion about potential scenarios going forward. 

Presentation slides (PDF)

Video recording of webinar