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10 Ways to Enjoy Oysters in Celebration of National Oyster Day

Oysters play an important role in coastal communities. In the environment, oysters filter water, improving water quality, and they create habitat for other animals. Their unique flavor makes them a desirable dish, supporting the livelihoods of watermen and local economies across the country. In addition, oysters are low in calories but rich in vitamins, like zinc, iron and selenium. Celebrate the small but mighty oyster this National Oyster Day, Sea Grant-style, with one or more of these ways:


1. The classic way

Prepare Oysters Mignonette, a traditional way to serve raw oysters, with this recipe from Delaware Sea Grant or this one from Florida Sea Grant.


2. With a dash of spice

This quick broil recipe from North Carolina Sea Grant incorporates parsley and tarragon for a fresh taste. 


3. On top of pizza

The smoked oysters in Washington Sea Grant’s Garlic-Chili Oil and Smoked Oyster Pizza pack a punch of umami that works great with the bright herby base and bitter greens.


4. Fried

This recipe for hot and crispy fried oysters from Texas Sea Grant is sure to make your mouth water.


5. With a little cheese

Delaware Sea Grant’s Oysters Asiago infuses the components of a creamy seafood chowder with bold Italian flavors into a delicious filling even the staunchest oyster-haters will have a hard time resisting.


6. By appreciating the flavor

Learn about the “meroir”, or the unique taste of oysters, in this Shellfish Short from Rhode Island Sea Grant. “…the subtle differences between the flavors of oysters comes from the way the oyster is grown,” says Robert “Skid” Rheault, executive director of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association.


7. With bacon

Texas Sea Grant’s bacon-wrapped oysters make for a great h’ordeuvre.


8. In jambalaya

This Creole dish from North Carolina Sea Grant incorporates shrimp and oysters with Italian sausage for a savory one-pot meal.


9. Rockefeller-style

Treat yourself to the rich flavors of Alaska Sea Grant’s Oysters Rockefeller, with white wine, fennel and parmesan cheese. After pouring the sauce on the oysters, finish off by baking or broiling for a few minutes. Maryland Sea Grant also demonstrates how to prepare Oysters Rockefeller in their Shuck at Home series.


10. By acknowledging the importance of oysters

Finally, learn more about the economic, environmental, health and social benefits of oyster farming in this video from Woods Hole Sea Grant.





And, here are a few places to find them fresh:


No matter how you choose to enjoy your oysters, don’t forget to share your delicious shell-ebration with us using #SeaGrantOysters!


Bonus: Learn how to shuck an oyster with this demonstration sheet from New Hampshire Sea Grant.

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