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Alaska Sea Grant’s Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit spurs similar Canada fishermen’s conference

Since 2007, Alaska Sea Grant has convened six statewide Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summits (AYFS). More than 400 new fishery entrants have attended, and nearly 100 industry volunteers have been mentors and speakers. The three-day, fast-paced agenda includes sessions on understanding Alaska’s role in the marketplace, business financial management, the regulatory process, and the science of fisheries management. Participants are encouraged to network with each other and meet industry leaders. In 2016, organizers surveyed past participants, speakers, and sponsors to gauge the value of the program and improve future summits. AYFS was nominated by the Western Region Sea Grant Directors for the 2016 Outstanding Extension Program award, in recognition of the impact and effectiveness of the series.

In January 2017 the first British Columbia Young Fishermen’s Gathering took place in Victoria, BC, Canada. The conference was modeled after AYFS and organized by a 2016 AYFS alumna at the request of BC commercial fishing leaders.

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