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Sea Grant invests in the development of sustainable marine and Great Lakes aquaculture to help coastal communities maintain a safe and sustainable local seafood supply. Sea Grant’s investment in aquaculture focuses on research and technology transfer, often through one-on-one interactions with extension agents, to support and expand America’s aquaculture industry. Questions about Sea Grant’s aquaculture work or the aquaculture funding opportunity may be directed to Check out our related subjects: 

  • Seafood Resources
  • Young Fisherman’s Development Program
Maine Sea Grant provides research and technical assistance to Maine’s oyster growers. Photo credit: Christopher Katalinas, National Sea Grant Office

Meet the Experts

Story Highlights

Science & Seafood

Sea Grant invests in the development of sustainable marine and Great Lakes aquaculture businesses to help coastal communities maintain a safe and sustainable local seafood supply that complements, not replaces, wild-caught fisheries.

Sea Grant Knows Oysters

Here at Sea Grant, we study oysters (a lot!), and we support hundreds of small businesses that grow, harvest, and serve oysters by providing training and technical assistance.

Aquaculture by the Numbers

*Metrics reported in July 2020 for work conducted February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. Sea Grant Investment = Funding to advance aquaculture research, technology transfer, and extension. Economic impact = market and non-market value of Sea Grant’s work related to aquaculture; value of jobs and businesses. Businesses = the number of aquaculture businesses created or sustained as a result of Sea Grant efforts. Jobs = aquaculture jobs created or sustained as a result of Sea Grant efforts.


Sea Grant National Investment


Economic Impact





Reference Resources

Sea Grant Aquaculture Highlights, 2020 (pdf)
Sea Grant National Aquaculture Portfolio, 2018-2022 (pdf)
10-year NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision, 2016 (pdf)
Summary fact sheet of the 10-year NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision, 2016 (pdf)

Resources from NOAA Fisheries

Read more about what NOAA is doing for aquaculture at the NOAA Fisheries website.

Featured Aquaculture Research

Aquaculture Funding

Funding News & Announcements

Aquaculture Hubs

As part of Sea Grant’s 2019 National Aquaculture Initiative, 11 funded projects are focused on accelerating the development of specific aquaculture topics through integrated teams of professionals. These teams established collaborative programs, commonly referred to as “Hubs”, to plan for and appropriately focus the next generation of aquaculture investments while enhancing the synthesis and transfer of past research advances to the industry.

Aquaculture Hub Links:

Aquaculture News


Virginia Sea Grant Launches the USDA and NOAA-Supported Aquaculture Information Exchange Online Community Platform

The Aquaculture Information Exchange (AIE) online community platform website is now live and open for new user registrations. The AIE represents a joint effort between NOAA’s National Sea Grant Office, NOAA’s Fisheries Office of Aquaculture, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), and Virginia Sea Grant.

Read More >

In Fall 2021, the National Sea Grant Office hosted two Aquaculture Research Symposia to bring together researchers and their teams involved in projects funded through the 2019 National Strategic Initiative competitions. Awardees shared their work and findings with members of the aquaculture community through live talks, followed by time for discussion. Please see the links below for PDFs of project presentations.

The first symposium was held October 25-29, 2021 and focused on projects funded through the “Exploring New Aquaculture Opportunities” and the “Social/Behavioral/Economic Needs in Aquaculture” competitions.

The second symposium was held November 1-3, 2021 and focused on projects funded through the “Advanced Aquaculture Research Collaboratives” (Hubs) competition.

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