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Launch your marine or coastal career with Sea Grant.

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Current Job Openings

Sea Grant is committed to developing a skilled marine and coastal workforce by providing job-based training, internships, fellowships and research funding to undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, Sea Grant employs over 1,500 full and part-time faculty and staff. 

Alaska Sea Grant

Seafood Safety Specialist, open until filled

California Sea Grant

Aquaculture Extension Specialist, application review begins April 1, 2024

Staff Research Associate 2 (Santa Barbara and Monterey Bay openings), applications due by April 10, 2024

University of Southern California Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant

Student Office Assistant, applications due by April 8, 2024

Extension Agent (Pasco County), applications due by April 2, 2024

Georgia Sea Grant

Seafood Extension Specialist, application review begins January 6, 2024

Guam Sea Grant

Research Associate II, open until filled

Grant Assistant III, open until filled

Hawai'i Sea Grant

Assistant Extension Agent (Fisheries Extension Faculty), application review begins January 8, 2024

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Coastal Resilience Associate Research Scientist, applications due by February 23, 2024

Louisiana Sea Grant

Accounting Coordinator, open until filled

Maryland Sea Grant

Grants Management and Accounting Assistant, application review begins December 4, 2023

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

Extension Associate, application review begins January 22, 2024

Extension Program Assistant, application review begins March 6, 2024

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium

Field Instructor, open until filled

Communications Intern, applications due by April 5, 2024

North Carolina Sea Grant
Ohio Sea Grant
Oregon Sea Grant

Oregon Coast STEM Hub Programming Coordinator, application review begins April 3, 2024

Rhode Island Sea Grant

Coastal Resilience Lead (Extension), applications review begins February 16, 2024

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

Extension Assistant, open until filled

Texas Sea Grant

Communications Manager, open until filled

Washington Sea Grant

Student Opportunities

Sea Grant supports hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students each year through fellowships, internships, and scholarships. Learn more on our students page. 

Opportunities from partners

NOAA Office for Coastal Management

Physical Scientist (ZP-1301), applications due by March 11, 2024, or when 250 applications received

NOAA Fisheries

Fishery Resource Management Specialist (ZP-401), applications due by March 5, 2024, or when 300 applications received

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