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Celebrate Women’s History Month by Learning About Knauss Fellowship Alumnae

The Knauss Fellowship offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on marine and coastal policy issues in the nation’s capital. In celebration of Women’s History Month, read the stories of four former Knauss Fellowship women. Alumnae from the 2019 and 2020 classes of the Knauss Fellowship share their experiences with science, policy, communication, cultural identity and more, in their own words.


Lisa Kim

To this day, I am the only or one of few minority women in the room. While it can be hard to find my voice in this space, I have come to find great comfort and empowerment through my newly formed relationships at NOAA and from the many leaders that I have worked with, all of whom strongly believe in equipping the next generation of diverse leaders to continue the work of protecting our waters. Continue reading


Naomi Lewandowski

For nearly 10 years, I’ve made career choices based on one very sacred metric: would my eight-year-old self be proud of me? As I navigated college, temporary lab jobs, and graduate school, I held this metric dear. However, after becoming a Knauss fellow, and starting down an unexpected and, potentially, brand new career track, it’s been more difficult to figure out what my eight-year-old self would think. Continue reading


Amara Huddleston Foster

As a communications specialist for a climate modeling program, I learned quite a bit. I share some general communication skills tips as well as some things I’ve been learning in my day-to-day that future Knauss fellows and scientists may find useful. Continue reading


Kat Montgomery

Did you know that most of the salmon you see in grocery stores and restaurants comes from a fish farm? In fact, aquaculture, which is the farming of fish, shellfish and seaweed in fresh or saltwater, produces about half of the world’s seafood supply. I became interested in aquaculture sort of by accident, and that newfound interest led me to my position as a Legislative Knauss Fellow. Continue reading


Learn more about the Knauss Fellowship program here

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