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Our Team

Chuck Weirich, Ph.D.

Aquaculture Manager
Chuck Weirich serves as Aquaculture Manager at the National Sea Grant Office. Before joining the National Sea Grant Aquaculture Team Chuck was North Carolina Sea Grant’s Marine Aquaculture Specialist and in 2018 was a founding partner of the North Carolina Shellfish Initiative. That year Weirich also played a key role in helping the state’s shellfish aquaculture industry identify losses and receive assistance after the passage of hurricanes Florence and Michael. His North Carolina Sea Grant roles also included applied and collaborative research regarding growing practices for oysters, sunray venus clams, scallops and blue crabs.

With a diverse career in both the public and private sector with experience in research, extension, academia, and the commercial aquaculture industry, Chuck brings decades of aquaculture science and industry expertise to the NSGO. Weirich is experienced in the culture of over 20 aquatic species, including freshwater and marine finfish and crustaceans, and marine bivalves. A native of the Texas Hill Country, Weirich holds degrees from Texas A&M (B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences), Texas State (M.S., Biology), and Clemson University (Ph.D., Animal Physiology).



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