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Our Team

Jessica Dupree

Publications Manager
Jessica Dupree is a Communications Specialist and Publications Coordinator for the National Sea Grant Office. Since 2022, Jessica has worked with the NOAA Library staff to grow the Sea Grant Collection, which includes peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, multimedia, educational materials, and other publications.

Previously, Jessica served within the Department of Defense as a public affairs specialist where she worked closely with several unit- and command-level entities within the US Navy, US Army and US Air Force. Jessica has worked with DOD scientists and engineers to communicate big ideas to legislators and decision makers, the academic community, and the general public. While working with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, Jessica worked on a campaign to have more renewable energy on Air Force bases, and worked with STEM professionals on energy resilience projects at several USAF installations.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University.


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