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Sea Grant research on the responsible environmental stewardship and management of the United States’ coastal, marine, and Great Lakes resources.

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Scholarly Research

Sea Grant funds research to enhance the use and conservation of coastal, marine and Great Lakes resources.

To view and download Sea Grant peer-reviewed journal articles and other scholarly publications, visit the Sea Grant Collection at the NOAA Central Library.


View photos from the National Sea Grant Office on our Flickr.

View videos from the National Sea Grant Office on our YouTube.

Newsletters and magazines

Monthly, seasonal, or bi-annual publications put out by our Sea Grant programs

Michigan Sea Grant
Upwellings newsletter
West Michigan Fish Notes newsletter

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium
COASTodian newsletter

New York Sea Grant
New York Coastlines newsletter

North Carolina Sea Grant
Coastwatch magazine

Ohio Sea Grant
Twine Line magazine

Puerto Rico Sea Grant
Fuete y Verguilla magazine (Spanish)

Rhode Island Sea Grant
41°N magazine

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
Coastal Heritage magazine

Texas Sea Grant
Texas Shores magazine

Washington Sea Grant
Sea Star newsletter

Wisconsin Sea Grant
Aquatic Sciences Center Chronicle newsletter

Woods Hole Sea Grant
Coastal Impacts newsletter

New Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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