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NOAA’s Climate-Ready Workforce for Coastal and Great Lakes States, Tribes and Territories Initiative

Climate-Ready Workforce, Climate-Ready Nation

NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program and Climate Program Office, with support from NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management, are establishing programs that place people across the country into good jobs that advance climate resilience and assist employers in developing a 21st-century workforce that is climate-literate, informed by climate resilience and skilled at addressing consequent challenges.

NOAA’s Climate-Ready Workforce initiative invests $50 million in nationwide projects that train and place workers in existing and emerging good jobs that enhance climate resilience.

What are Good Jobs Principles?

The Departments of Commerce and Labor have partnered to identify what comprises a good job. These eight principles create a framework for workers, businesses, labor unions, advocates, researchers, state and local governments, and federal agencies for a shared vision of job quality:

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Benefits
  • DEIA
  • Empowerment and Representation
  • Job Security and Working Conditions
  • Organizational Culture
  • Pay
  • Skills & Career Advancement

What kinds of jobs enhance climate resilience?

  • Apply equity-centered climate resilience principles
  • Reduce exposure, vulnerability, and risk to climate-related impacts
  • Design, build, operate, maintain, and/or improve the infrastructure and systems (including nature-based systems) needed to reduce climate-related vulnerability and/or risk to people, assets, services, resources, ecosystems, or other attributes valued by individuals, businesses, communities, and/or governments

Resources & Additional Information

Technical Assistance

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a historic, federal government-wide investment that furthers NOAA’s efforts to build a Climate-Ready Nation. It provides $3.3 billion for NOAA to build on its commitment to help Americans – including tribes and vulnerable populations – prepare, adapt, and build resilience to weather and climate events. 

This funding is organized into two main initiatives: Climate-Ready Coasts and Communities & Climate Data and Services.

Climate-Ready Coasts & Communities
Climate Data & Services

More information coming soon.

CRW Funding Factsheet
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