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Bias Awareness Resources for Sea Grant Reviewers

The resources provided on this page are meant to assist individuals participating in merit review processes hosted by Sea Grant, including competition funding opportunities and job searches. This is not a complete collection and is continually open for editing and updating. The information shared on this page is meant to increase awareness among reviewers. Links and materials developed by other organizations do not necessarily represent the opinion of Sea Grant or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Overview Video on Bias Awareness for Sea Grant Reviewers (4:46)

Still image of video slide show on bias awareness

Video Script File (PDF)

Professional Development Webinars hosted by the Sea Grant DEIJA Community of Practice

Implicit Bias (1 hour 14 minutes duration; recording available via You Tube)

Implicit Bias II (1 hour 24 minutes duration; recording available via You Tube)

Resources developed by other organizations

Tips for Reviewers from the National Science Foundation (video survey)

Additional resources from NSF (webpage with links)

How Implicit Bias and Lack of Diversity Undermine Science (Blog post by Scientific American)

Considerations for reviewers compiled by Oregon Sea Grant (PDF)